Race Relay

Race Relay  is a multimedia theater presentation. Designed to explore race relations in America today, it uses drama, music, and video to create a unique interactive experience. Official Site

In the Footsteps of our Ancestors

An Atlanta charter school 8th-grade class travels to Ghana, Africa to explore and connect with their ancestral roots. Through seeing life outside of America, they discover a new world inside themselves.

The documentary is told through the voice and eyes of the KIPP WAYS scholars in order to capture their authentic experience as they visited Ghanaian historical landmarks, schools and remnants of the slave trade. They were unprepared for the intense emotions many of them had while touring Elmina Castle, where slaves were held captive prior to boarding ships for Middle Passage, or Slave River, where the captives took their last bath on African soil.

Cocaine Prison

From inside one of Bolivia’s notorious prisons, a cocaine worker, a drug mule, and his little sister question the world’s relationship with cocaine.

COCAINE PRISON begins in Bolivia’s notorious San Sebastian gaol, a virtual citadel inside a crumbling old colonial house and follows the interlinked lives of Hernan, a drug mule who dreams of being a drug-boss, his younger sister, Daisy, who struggles to escape the lure to traffic cocaine and Hernan’s friend, Mario, a cocaine worker fighting for freedom. In a country where the cocaine trade isn’t ruled by violence, these three small fish dispel the gun-toting ʻNarcoʼ myth and put into perspective the drug war and the lives of the ‘disposable’ people. Official Site

Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant 

The Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant is for young girls aged 6-12 and it is a wonderful experience for them to learn how to always wear their Confidence, Awareness, and Pride (CAP). Contestants will learn about great cultural leaders, receive instructions on poise, communication and presentation skills. Plus, they will have fun and make new friends! Official Site

Table Read With Tots and Teens

A program designed to help tots and teens with writing and speech development. They will have the opportunity to read plays and television scripts with actors and pitch their own ideas for projects. These readings will take place in urban community centers in predominantly African American and Latino areas. Life Media Projects, Inc. staff and volunteers will coordinate and implement the Table Read with Tots and Teens program.

Love is not a Color

This will be a PSA series with visual images to show love. Love is not a Color, Love is not a Religion, Love is not a Gender.

Jezebel Mystique International Conference

A Conference on the Sexualization of the Female Anatomy (Development stages, need a logo and branding for this) This is project is in development and will be a conference that has the current research and presentations on the sexualization of the female anatomy worldwide. We would like educators and cultural theorists to present their research in the field and add to the discourse. We would also like to have music, artists, spoken word and theatre experiences that showcase some of the best entertainers and their thoughts and ideas on this topic.